Quick fixes, do they work?

Glad to see the back of January! I’ve got a love/hate relationship with January. I love it because there’s a fantastic surge for personal growth. People are ready to cast off old situations and move..
February 1, 2019
Quick fixes, do they work?

Glad to see the back of January!

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with January. I love it because there’s a fantastic surge for personal growth. People are ready to cast off old situations and move on to more exciting things. That’s why you see loads of people start an exercise program, vow to quit an old habit etc. I LOVE seeing this new energy in my clients and loved ones. Nurtured properly and it’s the start of a very exciting journey of change.

And you know me, I’m a sucker for all that ❤️

But… there’s a reason I also don’t like January and that’s because the dark side of the industry rears its ugly mug!

Naturally people are very anxious at this time of year. I mean, you promised yourself you’d make this year different? Yeah? After Christmas you were going to go full speed ahead and instead you find yourself low energy from the festive season. A few weeks go by you get the DREAD!! “This year is going to turn out EXACTLY THE SAME”

Then, just as you’re feeling your most vulnerable and desperate…


You see a shake/fad diet that claims to solve your problem within weeks!



Here’s what happens in reality

YOU ARE GOING TO THROW MONEY AWAY on sugary/synthetic/lab made rubbish.

I can promise you no love or consideration for fellow human beings went into the making of these concoctions. Just the mission of improving profit margins and making it taste sweet and tolerable.

They want it to sell,

NOT cure.

Cures don’t make as much money so why trust a big greedy company ?


… For the first few weeks…

But of course that’s what happens for the first few weeks of any starvation ?


Ever wonder why you lose loads off your arms and legs but still have a wee tummy?? Because your muscle is wasting away!!!


Your body is designed to survive.

Recognising you are under eating and possibly just drinking liquid, your clever system slows your metabolism and prioritises the storage of fat so you can survive this.

YOU HAVE PROGRAMMED YOUR BODY TO STORE FAT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT because to your body it is a threat to your survival

YOU GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK (even when you eat healthily!)

And this is the worst part that absolutely breaks my heart.

When you start eating again- and I’m talking healthy chicken cous cous salads etc.

you PILE on the weight.

The fad diet with flashy/exciting “results” has destroyed your healthy metabolism


At this point you have a choice:

1) eat normally and let the inevitable weight/inches pile on while your metabolism returns to normal.

(This may involve gaining more weight than you started with)


2) Just keep starving yourself to maintain the “skinny limbed / still got a tummy and don’t know why” look


As a trainer I spend more time repairing the physical and emotional aftermath of this than I’d like to. Listen, I know the steady change model isn’t glamorous but it’s what all good trainers strive for:

A lifestyle change.

Even if you go down the quick fix route and spend hundreds on these horrible products you’ll end up back at this answer anyway. I have worked with a few heartbroken women whose hair even started to fall out on these quick fixes and on more than one occasion had to be the bringer of bad news. I’ve had to break the news that they had to gain some weight as we gradually increased from the crazy 500 cals a day that they were on up to their healthier goal calorie intake.

The harder job is repairing self image, self trust and self compassion lost during these desperate attempts at a quick fix. The only thing the lab made diet shake culture is going to bring is?

Eating disorders.

So I urge you if you’ve been looking at these quick fixes. Back. Away. Now

These companies are here to MAKE MONEY not HELP YOU. They don’t care about your pain or what you’re going through with body image issues. But they do know how to monopolise on it. People who are in so much pain from crippling self image issues will part with more money, more easily for a promise of fixing it. The worst thing is when their stupid concoction fails you. You blame yourself.

If I have a sworn enemy in life it’s these companies. They take advantage of the people I’m here on this planet to help. The reason you’re reaching out to quick fixes is because you don’t trust yourself to do it alone. Or maybe you feel like you’ve tried every diet? If that’s the case don’t go on another diet or searching for another product.

Save your money

Get lasting genuine results by going to an expert or a coach. Many of us offer a free consultation to at least point you in the right direction and get you started. To Book in for a free call and guidance with myself Click here!

Hope this helped you today, if anything resonated with you drop me a comment below,? would love to know how many of you are going into this year looking after those beautiful bodies of yours!

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